New, improved image support for the editor.

I'm improving the image handling feature in the editor for more than a month now. After a lot of hard work it's finally starting to get it's final form. It Improves the speed of typing when you have a lot of images, It has a cleaner markup, out of the box supports drag'n drop, linking and copy/paste. So I can… » 7/14/14 11:42am 7/14/14 11:42am

How We Halved Load Time for Gawker Network Sites

Over the past few months, we of the Gawker Tech Team have put a ton of work into improving site performance and stability. If you don't recall seeing much evidence at all of the latter, you're right: we're only just now at the point of our time investment starting to pay off. More about that in a subsequent post! This… » 6/03/14 5:09pm 6/03/14 5:09pm