09/12 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All - the big news this week of course is the release of our new Global Navigation which is now live across the whole Kinja network. Overall the feedback from users has been very positive, in particular the vastly improved mobile experience. We're keeping track of all the feedback and we'll be making improvements… » 9/12/14 4:24pm 9/12/14 4:24pm

Who Kinja Is For

An open platform for collaborative, iterative and sustainable media: that's how we have defined Kinja. But collaboration between whom? Realizing our vision requires an undivided focus on the needs of our core users. And first we need to identify them clearly. So here goes. » 9/12/14 1:58pm 9/12/14 1:58pm

Gawker Media Hits 80 Million U.S. Uniques (And Q4 Awaits)

Earlier this year, I set a traffic goal for the Gawker Media Network of 80 million U.S. uniques, to be achieved by the end of the year. I'm pig-in-shitted to announce that as of today, Gawker Media has crossed that line, bringing in 81.3 million U.S. uniques over the last 30 days, as part of a greater 126.8 million… » 8/28/14 2:16pm 8/28/14 2:16pm

Obscuring Images in Pending Replies

We're introducing an update to pending replies that blurs images until you choose to see them. Update: This is now live across Kinja! » 8/27/14 6:09pm 8/27/14 6:09pm

Please Welcome Ariel to Kinja Help!

The Kinja Help team has seen some fine people come and go, and last week we added a great new member to the family. » 8/26/14 2:00pm 8/26/14 2:00pm

08/22 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All, apologies for the 2 week gap in weekly updates, the NY Tech team made the annual pilgrimage to Budapest to spend time with our Hungarian crew (who proved to be far better hosts than we are). » 8/25/14 1:53pm 8/25/14 1:53pm

(Re) Introducing Pending Replies

If you're a reader of the Gawker Media properties, you're likely aware of the problem we've been having with graphic content. » 8/16/14 2:27pm 8/16/14 2:27pm

07/25 Tech Wrap-Up

Hi All - welcome to the weekly Tech Wrap-Up. I just wanted to quickly address site stability over the last few weeks, and questions such as "Why the hell is Tech doing a server maintenance during the day?", "Why do the sites crash every time they do a maintenance?". A couple of weeks ago we had some hardware fail in… » 7/28/14 5:24pm 7/28/14 5:24pm

New, improved image support for the editor.

I'm improving the image handling feature in the editor for more than a month now. After a lot of hard work it's finally starting to get it's final form. It Improves the speed of typing when you have a lot of images, It has a cleaner markup, out of the box supports drag'n drop, linking and copy/paste. So I can… » 7/14/14 11:42am 7/14/14 11:42am

Weekly Tech Team Wrap-Up - 07/11

Hi All - welcome to this week's Tech Wrap-Up. We've been making some great strides on fixing issues over the last couple of weeks and I hope you're starting to see the improvements in the Editor. » 7/11/14 3:32pm 7/11/14 3:32pm

Weekly Tech Team Wrap-Up - 07/02

Hi All - welcome to our very first Weekly Tech Team Wrap-up! I joined the Gawker Tech Team last month as Director of Program Management and one of my responsibleness is to give everyone more visibility into what we're up to. » 7/02/14 12:22pm 7/02/14 12:22pm

Resolved: Ongoing Error 200 OK on Gawker Media Sites

Beginning on the evening of Wednesday June 4, we began receiving reports of Error 200 OK pages across Gawker Media home pages, mostly on Gawker and Gizmodo. On Thursday, several other sites began experiencing the issue; Kotaku, io9, and Jalopnik. » 6/06/14 10:19pm 6/06/14 10:19pm

How We Halved Load Time for Gawker Network Sites

Over the past few months, we of the Gawker Tech Team have put a ton of work into improving site performance and stability. If you don't recall seeing much evidence at all of the latter, you're right: we're only just now at the point of our time investment starting to pay off. More about that in a subsequent post! This… » 6/03/14 5:09pm 6/03/14 5:09pm

How to create your own Kinja Group Blog

This is an initial walkthrough for how to create your own Kinja Group Blog. This post has been updated with images and is provided as an additional aid to the provided Kinja Help files which are linked at the bottom of this post. » 4/28/14 2:45pm 4/28/14 2:45pm