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You're here because you're ready to take the plunge and learn more about Kinja 1.2's new discussion system, which we've nicknamed group chats. The purpose of this post is to provide a brief yet thorough overview of how group chats works.

The line you see above is what will be displayed at the end of a post. Highlights view shows the author’s view of the story. Replies that have been responded to or recommended by the author, and any preceding comments in that discussion, will be featured in the highlights. This view is ideal for the reader who wants to see the content that the author considers interesting, however, it requires a few clicks to dig deeper into other content.


All replies is exactly what it sounds like: every single reply grouped into threads, sorted chronologically. This view is ideal for a reader who wants to view every reply to a post with minimal clicking. You can also find a switch between highlights and all replies at the bottom of a permalink, at the end of the replies.

1. Reply thread byline

This section serves as a header for a thread. It shows you what time the thread was created and which author created the thread. It’s also a great section break to help you determine where one conversation ends and where the next begins.


2. Interaction menu

This button appears when you hover your mouse cursor over any reply. Clicking the icon will display a menu with additional options such as dismiss, several sharing options, and a link to the comment's own page, known as a permalink. The reply permalink allows you to more easily view the entire thread on a single page. You can also access a reply permalink by clicking the reply's timestamp, beneath the author’s name. The permalink loads a new page with only the original post, the selected reply, and all direct child replies.


The interaction menu of a reply authored by you will also display the edit option, which allows you to edit your reply within a 15 minute window.

3. Recommend

This icon shows you how many people have recommended a reply. Clicking the star will recommend a reply - visualized by the star’s switch from grey to blue. Recommending lets the author of the reply know that you support their response.


4. Reply

The replies themselves are interactive elements. In the Highlights view, replies that have been interacted with by the author - by way of a response or a recommend - will display directly below the initial reply. You’ll only see replies that have been interacted with by the author, but any reply could have additional replies that are hidden due to lack of author interaction! If you’ve found an interesting thread you’d like to continue reading through, click the reply itself to show any hidden responses which have been nested below. Threads with more than a few replies will and will unfold below the original reply a handful at a time. Here’s Long’s comment with hidden replies unfolded. Click the original, author-approved reply to hide the unfolded responses again.

  • 4a. Hide other replies
    Again, the entire reply area is active. Click it to hide the additional replies.
  • 4b. Show more replies
    Threads with more than a handful of replies will display this link. Click it to show more hidden replies. All replies in this group are sorted chronologically.

When moving between discussions, you’ll notice a small reply field beneath the initial reply. Click in the reply field to open the editor and immediately start composing a response to the thread.

5. Reply

Clicking the reply icon opens a reply editor, allowing you to immediately jump into a thread and compose a response to any comment.


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Hat tip to artiofab for the inspiration

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