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Welcome to Kinja 1.2, the latest platform design from the guys that brought you all past iterations of Kinja! This post will show you how to get around a story page - known as a permalink - in Kinja 1.2.

1. Trending stories unit

This unit shows popular stories on other blogs in the Gawker Media network, and cycles every 10 seconds. This unit appears on homepage as well, and becomes visible as you scroll down the page.


2. Author sidebar

Want to see what the author of the post you're reading has been up to? This sidebar shows recent posts that the author has recommended or replied to.

3. Byline


The byline shows all information about the post: author avatar and name, tags, and publish time. Hover over the author's avatar to reveal additional options, follow and profile. Following the author will allow you to see all their posts in your private view. Profile will bring you to their blog, which will show all their recent posts. You can also access their profile by clicking their name in the byline.


If you hover over the Filed to section of the byline, you'll reveal the post's tags. Click any of these tags to visit the site's tag page, a collection of posts which have been filed to that tag.

4. Page views

This number displays how many page views a post as gotten. If you hover over the page views, you'll see the number for new visitors. New visitors are readers who have visited the post without having visited the site before.


5. Recommends

Shows how many people have recommended the post. Click the star to add your recommendation to the post, which is visualized by the grey star becoming blue.


6. Sharing options menu

Clicking this reveals several options for circulating the post. Share to Kinja shares the post to a personal blog, or a blog you're an author on. Share to Facebook and Share to Twitter allow you to share the post to either network, provided you are logged in to your chosen network. If you are not logged in, Kinja will open a login window for you before sharing the post.


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Hat tip to artiofab for the inspiration

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